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Has a high degree of recognition cuts through technology with SPF™, 
an average of 99.8%.
Receives, recognizes and stores notes for future payout Issuing bills in change at a high speed. 
Reliable module, with the ability to lock NV200.
Payment for all accepted notes.
Accepts banknotes up to 85 mm wide.
Does not pass counterfeit money.
- Power:Requirements: 12 V.
- Standby: 400 mA.
- Running: 3 A.
- Peak: 5 A.
- USB with IF17.
- RS232.
- Bezel Options 82 / 85 mm width.
- Metal bezel.
- Various illumination options.
- Cashbox Options 500 notes,1000 notes.
- Note Dimensions Accepts. 
- Width: 60 - 85 mm.
- Length: 115 - 170 mm.
- Recycles Width: 60 - 82 mm.
- Recycler Capacity  Up to 70 mixed notes.
- Protocols SSP, ccTalk.
Available firmware:

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